Dysthymia and mania. Homi suicidal. A plate ah salad with some chips on the side. Agitated slowed thinking decreased concentration. abuse of death major events. INVENT BEST way TO DIAGNOSE OR BETTER YET RID THE ENERGETIC OPPORTUNITY OF NEUROTIC DISORDERS. I ain’t crying spells you atypical thats nunn. Fxck me like a nun.  You just want a comfort food. Atypical. EBT. TO ECT. Antipsychoticdepressants. 2017 savage I’m bopping and booted. Need money online systematic. Not schematic. Blacks need their own land like a forest. I’m not trynna hold on to love but I need it. I be bopping then tell her to read about it. it’s a telegram why we still have money gram? scams !for the money I’ll cut of my penis. Don’t be too unlettered Mane. Hot sauce with lettuce Mane. Do what chu can don’t say that you can’t. I don’t care she on her period put a condom on it. They be thinking ima god in disguise. More blues than it is in the skies. God took her life just to get me closer. Good import got me impactful. No more Newport’s lil bih from Newport news. I’m a gods child but ain’t no dummy. Ima ladies man just don’t call me hunny. I peep from the cut in my eye. Thought it was a breastfeeding cougar. Okay nvm it’s cool. Mikal got me feeling like Myers. Milking Nicki. Mouse traps for the mickies giving hickies. Asparagus Aspergers ass inspiring. I was in awe when she said I got a beautiful aura then she played neon guts. Next thing you know, I’m in her guts. I been trappin for 24 years straight. No breaks like a horse with a mink. Rick Ross I pull off in a mayback. Don’t text me Cos I may not be back. Black diversity Famu be littty. Bobble walk all on my tests like I cheated. Never saw eye to eye with my twin. I had dysthymia and nobody could tell me. All I got is me and my balls. Ain’t trynna curse myself but fuck jesus. 23. Gotta jump or fly aWay. Die faster in north cackalac. Stupid bitch how you depressed and you bougie. Junk food for me feely junkie I just might splash on you. Keeping the cap on tight right. Can’t tolerate no lose screws. Playing with a kitty pxssy thinking you doing summ gon kill a cheetah drag her home Cos the kids hungry.  Hurry.  At pace.






They said don’t skate around too much. Fiiind something to do in extending your purpose. PLUs you wanna protect your image from SOcial critics. oh… and crowd pleasers. thats all i gottaSay Bro. 🙂

SHe Acclaimed!!! why would i just be painting all my life if i’ve been blessed witht he ability to undersSTAND. DIfferent cultures andd social adversaries and can bring light and education to the field. looking at me funny cos i got a temp job.

LIttle black LiLLY, happy for happiness, singing the songs for the tress to wake up at night. Break it down for a nut and a 20 sack. life critics will kill all his passion. Create Happiness, all they wanted to do. But waited for death till she told me to get up. put on her pants, thought she was a tyrant…

leave me for me. why did you come back. only cos your friends helped you think>? think for yourself. dream to yourself.,,, die for yourself. Begging for passion, pleading for TRUTH.  DEpleating the root for a fall not a shower. Bloom as a flower. choose me over JESUS. Choose me over your friends. cHoose me for you.


⁃ Figure out someway in which you get paid for playing.

⁃ the record of what you do is more important than what you do.

⁃ be careful of what you desire for you may get it.

⁃ an organization is different from an organism.

⁃ we’ve been propagandize into what we want.  

⁃ we are near an energy crisis.   There’s not gonna be enough physical energy available for all the things we think we’re supposed to do.


– The real is the reliable. The genuine. What I can safely rely on. Some characteristics of real are truthful , valuable and delightful


– reality is the world the underlying cause of our consciousness of appearances

– physical reality is that which is constrained by physics or physical laws

– a reality consists of the interactions of a particular thing with that ‘becomes ‘for that thing.

– Reality is the interaction of realities with each other

– idealists – materialists – dualists view that we all share the same reality. The nature of our realities are the same all constructed out of mind dependent ideas

– we should be wary of the idea that the nature of reality is relative to what someone believes.

– Reality is the independent nature and existence of everything knowable –

– perception cannot be knowledge for it can logically contradict itself

– perception is not that which we know but that by which we know

– realization is an act of discovery governed by language use.

– reality is a simulation We live in a simulation which is not a lesser but an enhanced reality.

– our world is a mixture of ideas and real

– we are consciousness in a brain in a vat

– time is a human construct.

– one cannot say reality is or was. Humans reflect on reality as a defense against mental trash

– st Paul told the Corinthians he. Can only see reality in a dim reflection

– when we arrive at the gates of heaven. We are only clad in the wisdom we’ve garnered in this life

– it’s easier to sense reality within the human spirit than to say much about it.

– nothing permanently is. WHat we really think of as things are really in constant transition b they are processes. Our selves are the same.

JADED Grow in PEST PeRc tives


IWanna die young. what are you doing for money? what is your death wish? tel me. TELLMe now. which way to inhale. THe people I love I hurt moST. If i was keeping it ah hunnit. i should never see you again if i followed my PATH TO EatTurnity. 999


start WId the focus and then comes the aptitude. i dont wanna go to SLEEP If i’ll wake up depressed. who knows hwta happened when i was sleep? dont want the meat if its gonna gimme cancer. faster.  999


im walking slow cos im thinking fast. Birth Pains to an iiiner freeDome. its like a mixture of sand and sugar. my nigga catness said im tough. FeeVa said you can never change the past, but always the future. 999


imma busy body cos i cant confront. /Shee. ALway sused to say . i stay thinking about you. YOU Gotta make|| it out. i dont like to take the easy ++=route or HIIIde$ the truth so you Cen @lwavs fond mi en a JAM. jammed. somethin like a sndwich. HE told me i dont need religion to feel loved. c6nt h0ve everytiing or anything… 999


MAGoal !!!s to n0t be a m%tyr nor a profet b7t a h111 B3vm lite. tie my laces twivce cos iont like to bend d0mw… i love my spinal cord/// drugs keeep me stuck in my ways im a peasant. she thought i was a witch cos i got plenty love like the sand. 999


never can will could or should trust a bitch…))) ashtma acting up cos in on meds trynna kill depression777 but he getting buff push ovps by the second L33 said keep yourself busy . ,, 999



The EGo mind is Like the SerPent mind. it doesnt wanna kill the parasite.

when you holdon TO THINGS About the self, you give way to negTIVE ENERGYieeeiii

with strong person identity, conflict can come. where there’ s other, conflict canCome

iiif tHE URge is not there, nnot even God can help you

the true nature of the mind is conscious. if youre not talking, youre thinking. which is almost the same as talkin

theres a difference between impulsion and intrusion. intrusion doesnt need control. it sieves the truth. impulsiveness just say go left

you cant speak of things which has not yet smeered your consciousness

like a match and a matchbox. thoughts without thinkking is not thinking…



Rebelliously, I put out the light in my house, and Your sky surprised me with its stars.

You held out Your right hand , saying, “What have you to offer me?”

Fill my mind with Your music to last through the desert of noise.

I have made you the polar star of my existence.

If I lose sight of You even for a moment, I almost lost my mind.

Your sun and Your stars can never keep you hidden from me forever.

I know that day will come when my sight of this earth will be lost, and life will take its leave in silence, drawing the last curtain over my eyes.

I know that this life, missing its ripeness in love, is not altogether lost.

I know that my dreams that are still unfulfilled, and my melodies still un-struck, are cling to your lute strings.

i will find that Your will knows no end in me.

I meet you and stand by you in toil and in the sweat of my brow.

your love which knows not fulfillment, is dear to my heart.

All things rush on, they stop not, they look not behind; no power can hold them back, they rush on.






We are still here because we listen to each other not him.

Ask her how she lived and she’ll, the Queen the mom raised her to be.

read and become intelligent as and more than you truly are. read more about Ghana and become aware of it.

the laziest man is saying life is not easy.

from Yaa Asantewaa basketball captain to environmental inventor.

do you still wanna be as you are next year?

today June 16th Mama Mina brings up your name claiming Devils killed you because you left the church. This confirms to me that you completed your life legend on this earth and I’m so proud and happy for you.

You are the epitome of real change.

The definition of self freedom.